USEFP Executive Director's Lecture on 'Education Opportunities in USA'

02 March 2017
Ms. Rita Akhtar, Executive Director of the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has said that US offers about 200 fully funded Fulbright Scholarships to the students of Pakistan in various universities of America, annually. In addition to that, other scholarships under the "Global Undergraduate Program" are also being offered to the students. Therefore, I wish that students and faculty of Sindh Madressatul Islamabad University (SMIU) should avail such opportunities, because SMIU's Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh is also a great supporter of the said programs. She said this while delivering a lecture on Educational Opportunities in USA, at SMIU's auditorium.
She said that the lives of thousands of Pakistan's people have been changed by acquiring education from USA. Thus, availing such scholarships is in the best interest of both the countries; America and Pakistan. She was of the view that in the modern world, Pakistan's students must learn soft skills from America for their better career. She revealed that budget of America's four universities is more than the GDP of Germany. Therefore, the USA offers huge educational opportunities to the students of Pakistan that would be life changing for them.
Ms Rita Akhtar said that America is supporting Pakistan's students on the cost of its own tax payers with the objective that after return to Pakistan, they will contribute in the development of the country.
Ms. Rita Akhtar confessed that Pakistan's students are more expert in the subject of Mathematics than the American students. "American students are not good in mathematics," she said and maintained that, this is why clearing GRE test, which is mandatory for Fulbright Scholarship program, would not be a problem for students of Pakistan, Executive Director, USEFP said.
In the end question-answer session was also held.

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